Testimonials - Sue Dunham

Have students been pleased?

Qigong with mindfulness

  • The people that come to classes find that they leave in a calm, peaceful and refreshed state.
  • Even when people come feeling tired, they will leave feeling better
  • I am always careful to create a quiet relaxed atmosphere in the class
  • If a particular problem is brought to my attention such as a catching a cold then I will adapt the lesson to include suitable Qigong.
  • It is my strong belief that the Chinese approach can reach in where other treatments do not and will help people to help themselves.


I think that this quotation from a classic Chinese text describes the helplessness of someone in the grip of difficult emotions exceptionally well:

To completely heal a person, acupuncture, herbs, and these other modalities are only one aspect of the treatment. You must also come into synchrony with the patient in many other ways. For example, when patients lack the confidence to conquer illness, they allow their spirits to scatter and wither away. They let their emotions take control of their lives. They spend their days drowned in desires and worries, exhausting their jing/essence and qi and shen/spirit. Of course, then, even with all these other modalities, the disease will not be cured." -- Huang Di Neijing Using the energy of Reiki with a person is a way of coming into synchrony that can be extremely powerful.