qigong for tai chi STUDENTS

Why do Qigong with Tai Chi?

Any Qigong exercises can be done with Tai Chi, often as a warm up. Qigong is also useful because students often come to Tai Chi with an expectation that there will be benefits to their health. Although Tai Chi is primarily a martial art, there is much evidence to support its ability to promote health. However it seems that, in China, health cultivation is more strongly linked with Qigong.

Using Tai Chi and Qigong together makes the exercise accessible to all ages and abilities.

The choice of Qigong exercises is driven by

  • A need to warm up before Tai Chi and bring body and mind to the class
  • The cultivation of good posture
  • Identifying Qigong where health benefits can be explained
  • The illustration of principles common to Qigong and Tai Chi - that can be picked up by teachers of Tai Chi

The different use of the same movements - for health cultivation and martial purposes - deepens the understanding of students of these ancient Chinese arts.


Sue regularly works with Betty Sutherland for UK Tai Chi Ltd, www.uktaichi.com, one of the country's foremost providers of Tai Chi related courses. Betty specialises in the Wudang style of Tai Chi Chuan.

How to find out more

If you are interested in qigong to support Tai Chi, please contact Sue.. Enquiries from Tai Chi teachers are welcome.