mindfulness & MEDITATION

Expanding our awareness

Too often we believe that everything can be sorted out if only we can think of the right solution. In trusting our mind, we lose awareness of the wider picture and become exhausted, frustrated and stressed when things don't work out. We deplete our vital resources and can end up ill and burnt out. Before this stage is reached, we can learn to look after ourselves and improve our lives by becoming more mindful. 

Mindfulness in Qigong

In Qigong, you are encouraged to develop perception of your body and the world around you. Your awareness expands and eventually you will find that you engage with yourself and situations mindfully. Training in a quiet, safe environment with a relaxed body is the first step to taking the mindful approach in every day life. With time, you will notice:

  • When you have a gut feeling that something is not right
  • When your breathing shows you are under stress
  • When you feel ungrounded
  • When it is time to take a break

And you will have simple exercises that can be done to help you come back from being stressed. With  mindfulness, we feel less limited and our options are greater.

If you are interested in knowing more about classes where mindfulness develops through Qigong practice, please click here .

Making time for meditation

There is now an opportunity to join a class in Tadcaster where we include seated practice (in chairs). If you are interested in combining valuable Qigong exercises with meditation then click here for details of the Tadcaster class.

Free meditations

You are welcome to use these guided meditations, all to help you relax in the body, calm the mind and settle into a deeper meditation state.

Try this simple meditation first

Go on to spread relaxation to the whole body

Dissolve into pure awareness

Also check Sue's FREE meditations on the the Insight Timer app

Find out more

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