massage and qigong sheet 4

Circulate qi from head to toes

The Sun and the Moon shine brightly

Place hands on cheeks, inhale and rub upwards until middle finger reaches top of head As you exhale, rub hands down onto chest until ball of thumb is on the chest

Angle fingers down and rub down with palms to lower edge of rib cage Bring hands in so thumbs meet and continue pushing down to groin

Angle fingers out and rub down top, lateral part of thighs

Strike Zusanli, ST36 (which is 4 fingers down from the outer knee eye)

Imagine energy going right down to the end of the Stomach channel on the second toe

Repeat at least 5 times

Conduct yang from head to toes

Place hands on cheeks, little finger tips on Jingming (acupoint Bladder 1, at inner canthus of eye) Inhale and rub up to tip of head with all finger tips

Go over head to Fengchi (acupoint Gallbladder (GB) 20, under occiput in depression)

Exhale and bring palms down over collarbones and then over these points on the Gallbladder channel GB 22, mid-axillary line at level of nipple GB 24, under breast GB 25, just above waist and behind mid-axillary line – at end of 12th rib GB 30, on buttock behind hip joint

Strike GB31 (sides of thighs, midway groin to knee) and GB 34 (side of lower leg, just below and central to bony top end of fibula) with loose fist or side of hand

Imagine energy going right down the Gallbladder channel to the 4th toe.

Repeat at least 5 times

Massage Shenshu and close

Knocking the lumbar and sacral regions

Make loose fists and use the area between the thumb and first finger to ‘knock’ gently up and down the back close to the spine. Go up and down from as high as you can reach down over the sacrum, bending backwards and forwards. Go up and down at least 8 times (up to 24 times)

Rub Shensu

Using warm palms, place them on the back just above waist, massage in a circle going up, out, down, in. Imagine the warmth going deep into the Lower Dantian Repeat at least 8 times

Sit quietly with hands in front of Lower Dantian for several breaths, feeling the warmth to close your massage session.

How to find out more

The instructions on massage given here are not intended to be comprehensive. They are to support the work that Sue has delivered to classes. If you are interested in qigong and massage, perhaps to support acupuncture or tuina treatment, please contact Sue.


Sue Dunham cannot take responsibility for your fitness to do these exercises. Chinese therapies are not a substitute for regular medical care. It is the responsibility of the individual to seek advice and consent from their medical practitioner if they have any concerns.