massage and qigong sheet 2

DIY Massage for back and shoulders

Clear the mind and exercise the back

  1. Tap teeth together 36 times, swallow any saliva and take it down to Lower Dantian
  2. Fold hands together and hold the back of your head.
  3. Push your head and body backwards while pulling the hands forward, inhaling.
  4. Exhale and relax
  5. Repeat the back push 9 times

Rubbing acupoint Bladder 43

  1. Bring arms out to horizontal,
  2. Fold elbows so hand come palm down over shoulders
  3. Rotate shoulders back and down then forward and up
  4. Concentrate on chest opening and back/shoulder blades closing (onto BL43)
  5. Repeat up to 9 times

Shiver or make waves in the neck and spine

Shiver down the neck and spine by doing a slight shake of the head (with good posture), feel the wave of movement travel down to the base of the spine (the sacrum).

Relax and let your back round very slightly. Then bring your sacrum back to its correct vertical alignment. This sets up a wave that you can feel travel up your back bringing it back to vertical as it rises. The last part to come to alignment is the head. As you get used to this exercise you can set up the wave without initially coming out of alignment.

How to find out more

The instructions on massage given here are not intended to be comprehensive. They are to support the work that Sue has delivered to classes. If you are interested in qigong and massage, perhaps to support acupuncture or tuina treatment, please contact Sue.


Sue Dunham cannot take responsibility for your fitness to do these exercises. Chinese therapies are not a substitute for regular medical care. It is the responsibility of the individual to seek advice and consent from their medical practitioner if they have any concerns.