massage and qigong sheet 1

First, ĎA, B, Cí to prepare

This preparation routine can be used before qigong or any meditation practise.

A for Awareness of posture

  1. Sit with the feet flat, parallel to shoulders
  2. Soften the knees
  3. Relax the hips and rotate the tail bone under
  4. Straighten the spine
  5. Relax the chest and shoulder joints
  6. Hollow the armpits as if each is holding a clementine
  7. Relax the shoulder blades downwards
  8. Tuck in the chin and let it drift back to a balance point
  9. Feel the weight of your arms
  10. Relax the wrists, hollow the palms
  11. Feel as if the head is suspended from a silver thread

B for Bring attention within yourself

Place one hand just below your navel and the other on the back of your waist to hold your Lower Dantian


  • Take long and deep breaths into your Lower Dantian, feel both hands move gently in and out
  • Relax to let your breath out, feel your diaphragm and perineum pushing upwards and feel the pull on your Lower Dantian
  • Breathe through every pore of your body into the Lower Dantian

Busy mind:

  1. Take control! But do it kindly!
  2. Be in the here and now
  3. Count the breaths or say Breathing in; Breathing out
  4. When your mind wanders, bring it back to quietness

C for Cleanse yourself by sinking negative energy into the earth

Release your tension using these images:

One is Fun

Imagine a smile melting down the front of your body like warm oil, melting tension into the earth.
A second smile melts the tension in the back of your body.
A third and final smile melts down your core from your mind letting emotions melt away down through shoulders, arms, hands and torso, hips, legs, feet

Two is Shoe

Imagine your feet melting into the earth Let energy flow away in all directions
This lets tension pour away from you into the earth.

Three is Tree

Imagine roots extending from your feet deep into the earth
They will go twice your height into the ground and connect you to it firmly

Four is Core

Imagine your root extending deeper and deeper into the core of the planet
Feel an infinite capacity to absorb all the negative tension that you are releasing. Let your physical tension and negative thoughts go.

How to find out more

The instructions on massage given here are not intended to be comprehensive. They are to support the work that Sue has delivered to classes. If you are interested in qigong and massage, perhaps to support acupuncture or tuina treatment, please contact Sue.


Sue Dunham cannot take responsibility for your fitness to do these exercises. Chinese therapies are not a substitute for regular medical care. It is the responsibility of the individual to seek advice and consent from their medical practitioner if they have any concerns.